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STAr Aries Prima 3D MEMS Micro-Cantilever Probe Card for CMOS Sensor Test

Hsinchu, Taiwan - The increasing demands of 5G smartphones, video devices, vehicle camera systems, and other embedded camera technologies in 2021 drive up CMOS image sensor (CIS) testing requirements. To provide the best probing solution for the advanced CIS devices, STAr Technologies’ R&D team has kept refining and developing technology for 3D MEMS Micro-Cantilever probe card and is now introducing a new MEMS probe card to the CMOS image sensor (CIS) test market.


The STAr Aries Prima is an advanced 3D MEMS Micro-Cantilever probe card applicable to CIS devices testing for high-performance parallel Multi-DUT applications. To match the CIS device improvements in resolution, frame rate, and communication speed, the MEMS probe technology applied to the Aries Prima probe card also accommodates minimum probe pitch down to 50um and up to 15,000 pins to support parallel testing up to 64 devices and ensures reliable result while increasing productivity. In addition, this MEMS Micro-Cantilever probe card enables a wide temperature environment from -40 deg. C up to 150 deg. C and testing speed up to 6Gbps for high-speed automatic test.


Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CTO & CEO of STAr Technologies, comments on this newly developed MEMS probe card, "Currently, MEMS probe card is the mainstream test solution to the semiconductor test industry. We are confident that Aries Prima with 3D MEMS micro-cantilever probe can be the better choice for CMOS wafer sort test and will bring customers more efficient production processes."

STAr Aries Prima probe card for CMOS image sensor testing
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