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Unicorn LAIT II Advanced Mini- and Micro- LED Tester
Unicorn-LAIT II is an advanced high throughput LED test system, that caters for dies in hundreds of thousands to millions of LED per wafer. High Parallelization allows the customer to significantly reduce the Cost of Test and Test Time. The system provides critical measurements for Mini/Micro-LEDs and integrates parallel testing with the electrical, optical measurement with probe station and probe cards in one system, offering a comprehensive analysis result to industry users.
Features and Specifications
High-Throughput Parallel Test System
  • Unicorn LPX Precision SMUs with 48 channels and up to 480 channels allowing high speed, repeatable and accurate DC characterization of LEDs
  • High-speed parallel tests based on FPGA firmware control and high-speed ADC allows low overhear parallel tests and parallel auto-ranging
  • Each SMU comes with 3 Voltage Ranges and 6 Current Ranges allowing force and measurement to be run in parallel
  • Capable of 2-terminal DC or 4-terminal Kelvin tests for precision voltage-current tests
High-Precision LED Probe Station
  • High-precision closed-loop low Noise XYZ stages with 0.1um Laser Encoder feedback ensuring best accuracy in multi-LED stepping
  • High-resolution patented Digital Scope with Probe and Scan View, optical resolution down to 2um with ultra-long working distance > 100mm
  • WAFERSCAN allows the wafer to be scanned for baddies and accurate die counts
  • Ceramic chuck with patent-pending auxiliary chucks for probe cleaning and contact check
  • Semiautomatic and Fully Automatic Probing options
MircoLED-MD Test Probe Card
  • Stable long lifetime multi-DUT LED test probe cards with low maintenance requirements
  • Wide varying probe layout configurations for accurate multi-DUT probing
  • "Multi-Edge Sensing" capabilities ensure correct contact height
  • Easy to use product definition with automatic wafer and probe card alignment
  • DUT set up with smart wafer stepping for multi-DUTs optimization
  • Tester control setup, hardware synchronization, and binning
  • User-specific functionalities and customizable data output for backend process
  • Multi-language and intuitive operation interface


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