Reliability Test System
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Reliability Test System
STAr uses its extensive industry expertise to design, build, test and support reliability systems for semiconductor devices and interconnects reliability life test, IC product burn-in, environmental test, product screening, PCB reliability test, etc. to fulfill all the needs to build a solid reliability engineering system.
  • All-in-one tester
  • For both engineering and production needs
  • Massively parallel reliability analysis
  • For both PLR and WLR applications
  • Back-end-of-line electromigration analysis
  • Supports JEDEC complaint methodologies
  • For high power devices with voltage requirements up to +200 V
  • DMOS and power MOSFETs test
  • Compound semiconductor reliability test
  • RF-biased and high-voltage accelerated life testing
  • Streamlined software for accurate measurement
  • Effective analysis for decision information management
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