STAr Technologies Expands Probe Cards and Test Systems Manufacturing Facilities  

Hsinchu, Taiwan, May 13, 2020 – STAr Technologies, a leader of semiconductor test systems and probe cards, today announced its expansion of its manufacturing facilities in Hsinchu Taiwan. The new manufacturing facilities increases probe cards capacity by more than 50% and almost doubles test systems and probe stations production capacity. 

Over the years, STAr Technologies has increasing sales demands for its advanced probe cards, probe stations and test systems globally.  With the increased manufacturing capacities, STAr Technologies is able to meet increasing sales orders with shorter lead time at higher quality.  With these new facilities, STAr Technologies has also formed a new Advanced Manufacturing Center that houses advanced manufacturing equipment for MEMS probes, multi-layer organic substrates and anisotropic conductive elastomers.

STAr’s products such as probe cards, probe stations, parametric and reliability test systems are gaining wide acceptance from global semiconductor customers with their wide and versatile applications.  The new manufacturing plants have received high commendations from its world class customers for its high quality standards and advanced manufacturing capabilities.  STAr Technologies also takes pride to be certified to the System Quality Standard ISO 9001 and recognized for its corporate social responsibility.  This strategic expansion will increase STAr’s competitiveness and excel in the near future to provide better value proposition for its key customers.

“Our probe station, test systems and probe cards have been successful by staying focused on capacity, efficiencies, quality, delivery and continuous improvements in view of providing excellent customer satisfactions. With this strategic investment, we are making are a strong reflection of STAr’s position in the market and positive vision in the future,” comments Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies.

About STAr Technologies
STAr Technologies, established in August of 2000, is specialized in advanced semiconductor test systems and high-performance probe cards. STAr also provides parametric, reliability and functional test systems, prober system and advanced integration software and consulting services. Headquarter based in Hsinchu, STAr has subsidiaries in the China, USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and India.





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