STAr Technologies Unveils World First Thermal Wafer-Level Flip-Chip Laser-Diode/Photo-Diode Probe and Test System  

January 09, 2020, Hsinchu Taiwan - STAr Technologies, optical devices and semiconductor test systems leading supplier, today unveils a world first newly developed test and probe system for wafer-level flip-chip optical components - Magic-A200 BSI series system. The Magic-A200 BSI (Back-Side Illumination) series enables photo-diode to be back-illuminated by automatic aligned laser and for laser diode to be measured from the back-side of the wafer. The system enables next generation optical communication flip-chip devices to be tested under wide temperature (-40degC to 200degC) at wafer-level with high accuracy and repeatability acceptance test to meet industry requirements for engineering application and mass production. 

STAr Magic-A200 BSI is one unique wafer-level flip-chip optoelectronics device probe and test system with back-side precision automated laser illumination and alignment test platform.

The Magic-A200 BSI series probe system includes many newly patented technologies such as high transmittance quartz vacuum chuck for staging thin and broken wafers.  In addition, new cooling and heating technologies allow wafers to be tested under wide thermal temperature from -40degC to 200degC with temperature variation of less than 0.5degC across the wafer.  Laser can simultaneously irradiate the back-side of wafer with ultra-fast precision automated positioning to couple photo-sensitive devices and further proceed with different adjustable irradiation conditions such as vertical and oblique incidence of user defined angle.

Magic-A200 BSI, with high-speed and precise stepping platform with functions of automatic wafer to product alignment identification and precise positioning, requires only one reference laser point for coupling to flip-chip photo-diode with test and verification for the whole wafer with repeatability of under 0.3-sigma variation.  Furthermore, the probe positioners and test probe cards also support edge searching transmission sensing to ensure good contact and stability under high-speed and RF tests.

“We are honored to introduce this newly developed advanced probe system to enable future opto-telecommunication device test and qualification. STAr Magic-A200 BSI is one unique back-side illumination automatic test platform to support high-speed precise acceptance test for both wafer-level opto-electronics devices. It enhances test efficiency and meet customer requirements under different temperature for cost-effective tests and performance”, said Dr. CL Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies.

About STAr Technologies
STAr Technologies, established in August of 2000, is specialized in advanced integrated semiconductor test systems and high-performance probe cards. STAr has delivered thousands of integrated test systems worldwide with widely varying applications such as SPICE modeling, DC-RF device characterization, reliability qualification and silicon photonics testing.  Headquarter based in Hsinchu, STAr has subsidiaries in the China, USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and India.





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