STAr Technologies (Wuhan) Celebrates the Grand Opening of its New Office in Future City  

Wuhan, Hubei, China– STAr Technologies (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. (“STAr Technologies (Wuhan)” for short), the semiconductor test systems and software supplier and developer, celebrate the grand opening ceremony after relocation to its new office and factory. Guests from Wuhan Future City, Mr. Guoqiao Zhan, Director of Planning and Construction Dept., Mr. Jia-Wei Wu, Vice Director of Industry Investment Promotion Office., Mr. Hui Xiao, Director of Wuhan Future Construction and Management Office Industry guests, Mr. Chin-Chang Liao, Director of SAIC’s Quality and Reliability Eng. Dept. and Mr. Yang Lee, China Channel Manager of Keysight Technologies , attend the opening ceremony and celebrate for STAr Technologies (Wuhan)’s milestone together with customers and partners.

STAr Technologies (Wuhan), established in 2011 as the base of operation of STAr Technologies, Inc., the leading semiconductor test systems and probe cards suppliers, has developed dramatically and achieved remarkable result. In the past few years, based on sales and marketing center, STAr Technologies (Wuhan) has expended its scale to an operation headquarter with software R&D, technical support, administration management functions and other operation relevant units. In response to the continuous growth in China semiconductor market, STAr Technologies (Wuhan) relocated to Wuhan Future City, Eastern East Lake High-Tech Development Zone this year. In addition to the setup of facilities regarding to technology and hardware/software, the R&D laboratory and system showcase space enable to provide customers more complete consultant services on semiconductor testing. Meanwhile, the new base is also capable for chip package capacity with assembly production line built.

Dr. Wei Liu, President of STAr Technologies (Wuhan) said, “Thank you very much for the participation today. The warm atmosphere represents our new phase in development. Attributed to your support and effort, STAr Technologies (Wuhan) has continuously grown in the past few years. We believe that in our new office located in Future City, another outstanding achievement can be expected.”

Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies said, “STAr Technologies will progressively increase the investment to STAr Technologies (Wuhan) and focus on test systems/software development, chip package test services, system integration services and technical support. So as to lead STAr Technologies (Wuhan) ‘s test hardware, software and technology more completed and provide best test support to semiconductor manufacture industry.”





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