STAr Technologies Introduces MEMS Micro-Cantilever Probe Cards for CMOS Sensor Test  

October 30, 2019, DigiTimes - STAr Technologies Inc., a leading supplier of semiconductor test probe cards, today announced the introduction of its new MEMS type micro-Cantilever probe card — STAr Aries Sigma-M, designed and developed specifically for CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) testing. The Aries Sigma-M probe card is suitable for testing of highly parallel large-array multi-DUT CIS devices to increase productivity with greatly reduce cost-of-test.

Attributed to the demand of mobile devices such as smart phones and new applications such as autonomous driving vehicle, the CIS market is growing exponentially with continuous improvement in resolution, frame rate and communication speed. These market trends have led to smaller chip size CIS that requires high-speed (up to 6 Gbps) tests under long test time.

STAr Aries Sigma-M probe card is specifically designed for CMOS image sensor

STAr Technologies always exceeded customers demand to increase test performance with reduce test cost that results in increasing productivity and efficiencies. To meet future test requirements for CIS devices, the Aries Sigma-M probe cards use micro-Cantilever MEMS probes with minimum pitch of 60um and up to 15000 pins that support testing of up to 64 devices in parallel. The Aries Sigma-M revolutionary structure further reduces test setup time, enable different devices to be tested under same probe card over wide varying temperature up to 150degC and testing speed of 3.5Gbps with future upgrade to 6Gbps.

“We are happy to introduce the new CIS probe cards based on MEMS processes with micro-cantilever probes.  We believed that the new Aries Sigma-M probe cards will exceed both market and technology trends by improving test efficiencies and reducing cost-of-tests.”, said Dr. CL Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies.





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