STAr Sagittarius-SPT with Korea Major Semiconductor Manufacturer

Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 18, 2019 - STAr Technologies Inc. received orders from Korea major semiconductor manufacturer for automatic test system - Sagittarius-SPT (Silicon Photonic Test, SPT) to manufacture its future fiber optic devices. The order reflects STAr successful approached to silicon photonic wafer/devices test. Silicon photonics is a disruptive technology and integrated mix of several technical blocks – lasers, optics, MEMs, high-speed digital and RF SOCs.

Overview of STAr Sagittarius-SPT

Sagittarius-SPT is an electro-optics/silicon-photonics wafer-level test solution and provides semi-automated for full automation wafer-level test system for characterization and acceptance tests of silicon-photonics devices. This automatic test system enables advanced instruments controls and test methodologies developed for the fiber optic manufacturer and adapted to test demands with a key aspect of wafer-level testing to fast reproduce optical coupling, including probe-position optimization and polarization alignment. 

Sagittarius-SPT has also brought about several breakthroughs, including the provision of an automatic test platforms for testing of wafers and components prior to wafer dicing, with capability of wafer probing for conventional DC and RF electrical test integrated to testing in the optical domain. STAr has included multiple instrument drivers for light wave component analyzer (LCA), optical switch, tunable laser source, optical power meter, etc. enabling tests for variable optical attenuator (VOA), optical modulator, laser photo diode, etc.

“We are very pleased by the Korea key customer’s choice of STAr Technologies to supply its critical wafer-level testing as it towards fiber optics devices manufacturing,” said Choon-Leong Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies, Inc. “Sagittarius-SPT is developed to meet electro-optical industry manufacturers’ needs, and we believe the system will enhance the efficiency and throughput at customer’s end.”






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