STAr Technologies Announces Expansion of China Subsidiary in Wuhan, Hubei  

Hsinchu, Taiwan, June 10, 2019 – STAr Technologies, Inc., the leading supplier of semiconductor test system and probe card, announces the expansion and relocation of its subsidiary – STAr Technologies (Wuhan) in Hubei province, China, in response to the dramatic growth of semiconductor demand in China market. The new base is located in the Future City, Eastern East Lake High-Tech Development Zone. Except the expansion of existed probe card maintenance center and software development center, STAr will continuously increase manpower and hardware resources to support industry customers with multiple and outstanding techniques and professional services.

STAr Technologies (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. new office locates in Future Technology Building.

STAr Technologies (Wuhan), founded in early 2011 as the base of operation to expand China semiconductor market and has achieved remarkable result in the past few years. Attribute to the speedy development of new industries such as big data, loT, cloud computing and 5g, manufacturing technology for semiconductor and relevant components continuously improved and brings out the active growth on test requirement. This year, STAr Technologies (Wuhan) decided to expand its operation scale again and set up more hardware facilities. Except the man power increase of software development group and manufacture capacity of test probe card, new engineering laboratory and equipment showcase room enables to have efficient communication and test solution information exchange with customers. Furthermore, the new factory is also capable for chip package capacity with assembly production line built.

Dr. Liu-Wei, President of STAr Technologies (Wuhan) said, “STAr Technologies (Wuhan) has kept receiving positive feedback and support from industry customers since establishment in 2011 and has steadily developed and grown in the past few years. In June, we completed our relocation to the new factory/office and would make more efforts to provide professional services for semiconductor industry customers inf the futures.”

Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies said, “We are glad to expand our China operation headquarter in Wuhan, Hubei. Being a semiconductor test systems and probe cards supplier, STAr never stops to explore global semiconductor test market. In 2011, we chose Wuhan, Hubei province as our China business development base and have steady growth in the past few years. His expansion is our milestone in China market. We will continuously invest manpower and hardware resources to provide cost-effective semiconductor solutions to meet industry customers requirement.”

STAr Technologies (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. new address and contact information is as follows. 

Address: 20th Floor, Buidling C3, Future Science and Technology Building, Future City, Optics Valley, Wuhan, Hubei, China 430206
Tel: +86-(0)27-8720-4255
Fax: +86-(0)27-8720-4211





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