Low-Cost, High-Performance and Reliable Ceramic Blade Probes from STAr Technologies  

Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 18th, 2019 – STAr Technologies, leading supplier of semiconductor test probe cards has started the sales of low-cost, high performance and reliable ceramic blade Virgo-DCB for parametric and reliability DC test. The blade type probe provide superior mechanical and electrical properties and enables to achieve reliable test results even in critical probing conditions at a target price.

 STAr Virgo-DCB

Virgo-DCB series ceramic blade probe is developed specifically for precision ultra-low femto-ampere current and femto-farad capacitance parametric and reliability tests. To cope with most basic probe stations, this ceramic blade type guarded probes are applicable to pads down to 30µm x 30µm and feature a wide range temperature range from -65°C to 350°C. Meanwhile, Tungsten used as probing material also leads a result that tip is rigid enough to break through the oxide on aluminum pad and qualified for the condition request of low contact resistance.

Virgo-DCB series is cost-effective and ideal solution to meet semiconductor parametric and reliability DC test requirements. These ceramic blade probes can be customized to connect with all types of probe station positioners from Cascade Microtech. The Virgo-DCB can also be assembled on PCB for probe cards application.





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