STAr Ships Multiple Leading Edge Automatic Silicon Photonics Test Systems  

The Sagittarius-SPT is an all-in-one research, characterization and production
automatic test equipment for silicon photonics devcies.

Seoul, South Korea, January 31, 2018 – Silicon photonics is a disruptive technology that is poised to revolutionize a number of application areas, such as data centers, high-performance computing and data transimission. Silicon photonics is an integrated mix of several technical blocks – lasers, optics, MEMS, high-speed digital and RF SOCs. Testing of such complex system requires extreme integration expertise with knowledge in the field of precision mechanics, optical characterization and RF measurements.

STAr Sagittarius-SPT automatic sequential tests of multiple variable optical attenuator (VOA) using silicon wire waveguide with PIN structure.

Progress in silicon photonic integrated circuit technology and applications is accelerating with the onset of an industrial ecosystem comprised of foundries, commercial modeling tools, and photonic test capability. Bringing optical test deeper from package-level into the wafer-level semiconductor process is an important step to assure performance and yield.
STAr has developed world leading commercially available automatic test system – Sagittarius-SPT.  This automatic test system enables advanced instrument controls and test methodologies developed for the fiber optic industry are now being adapted for this new industry. A key aspect of testing at the wafer-level is fast reproducible optical coupling, including probe-position optimization and polarization alignment.
Sagittarius-SPT has brings about several breakthroughs, including the provision of an automatic test platforms for testing of wafers and components prior to wafer dicing, with capability of wafer probing for conventional DC and RF electrical test integrated to testing in the optical domain. STAr has included multiple instrument drivers for lightwave component analyzer (LCA), optical switch, tunable laser source, optical power meter, etc. enabling tests for variable optical attenuator (VOA), optical modulator, laser photo diode, etc.
Automated characterization tests for silicon photonics devices enables different classes of components that have one or more inputs plus one or more outputs to be aligned automatically with nanoscale accuracies. In order for wafer-level tests to proceed quickly, STAr has developed advanced automatic optical fiber alignment systems and high-end probe station to use advanced automatic alignment techniques in the testing of silicon photonics devices and moved to next devices in a sequential fashion without human interactions.  Sagittarius-SPT further enables different types of slicon photonics devices to be tested differently for electrical-optical DC and dynamic high frequency performance.
The inclusion of equipment front-end module (EFEM) for automatic wafer loading and unloading puts Sagittarius-SPT as the leading industrial high-volume manufacturing test system for sliicon photonics devices and intergrated circuits.  The Sagittarius-SPT has enable production of silicon photonics devices for our customers at the lowest possible cost-of-tests. STAr has since shipped multiple Sagittarius-SPT automatic silicon photonics test systems to different customers.

About STAr Technologies

STAr Technologies, established in August of 2000, is specialized in advanced integrated semiconductor test systems and high-performance probe cards. STAr has delivered more than 1000 integrated test systems worldwide with widely varying applications such as SPICE modeling, DC-RF device characterization, reliability qualification and silicon photonics testings.  Headquarter based in Hsinchu, STAr has subsidiaries in the US, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China and India.






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