New Generation HTOL, HAST and PTCT Burn-In Testers for
Semiconductor Power Devices

Hsinchu, Taiwan, R. O. C., August 15th, 2016 - STAr Technologies, a leading supplier of semiconductor test solutions, today unveiled new burn-in testers for power devices and RF ICs – STAr APOLLO. The Apollo series burn-in systems are developed for HTOL, HAST and PTCT tests which apply elevated voltages, humidity and temperatures with power cycling to evaluate reliability of high power devices and RF ICs to confirm design and fabrication process of devices meet the reliability targets over an extended period of normal use. 

Power electronics used in automotive electric vehicle, green technologies, and power generations are emerging as one of the semiconductor industry’s key drivers.  STAr has developed Apollo series of burn-in test system to ensure highest quality of power semiconductor devices can be delivered for critical applications. 

STAr Apollo further extends the applications to cover GaN, SiC, etc. power devices with extended voltage (up to 5000V) and current (up to 10A) ranges.  The Apollo series burn-in test systems include new technologies to prevent device electrical oscillation, on-line device electrical data monitoring and protection from ESD and EOS damage.  Customized versions are also available for users with special requirements.

 STAr APOLLO-HTOL Burn-in System   STAr APOLLO-HAST Burn-in System

"We are delighted to announce the release of STAr Apollo series burn-in test systems," said Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CEO of STAr Technologies, " Reliability test is a prime concern in the industry that uses high power devices.  The Apollo series testers are designed to improve device quality with high-end burn-in electronics so as to eliminate the need for extensive failure analysis based on unqualified failures.  We believed that STAr Apollo will meet the highest standard and demand for present and future burn-in needs of power electronics."

Apollo–HTOL is the high-temperature operation life test system that is based on JEDEC JESD22-A108D and used to determine the effects of bias conditions and temperature on solid state devices over time. It simulates the device operation in an accelerated way, and is primarily for device qualification and reliability monitoring. A form of high temperature bias life using a short duration, popularly known as burn-in, may be used to screen for infant mortality related failure.

Apollo–HAST is the highly accelerated temperature and humidity stress test system that is based on JESD22-A110D, JESD22-A118A. The purpose of this method is to evaluate the reliability of non-hermetic package solid state devices in humid environments. It employs severe conditions of temperature, humidity and bias that accelerate the penetration of moisture through the external protective material (encapsulate or seal) or along the interface between the external protective material and the metallic conductors which pass through it.

Apollo–PTCT is the power and temperature cycling test system that is based on JESD22-A104D, JESD22-A105C and JESD22-A122. The tester is to simulate and measure lifetime performance withstand alternate exposure at high and low temperature extremes and simultaneously with periodic operating biases applied and removed.

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STAr Technologies specializes in advanced parametric, reliability and burn-in test systems, software, probe cards and professional services for the semiconductor industry.  STAr's expertise encompasses parametric electrical tests (E-test), wafer acceptance tests (WAT), wafer- and package-level reliability tests (WLR & PLR), analog/mixed signal automatic test equipment (ATE), probe cards, load boards and IC test sockets.  STAr Technologies is founded on August 2000 headqaurtered in Hsinchu Taiwan and subidiaries in USA, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, China and India.

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